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The new Bates Artiste 01-12-2020 - 11:19

A very greatful sponsor rider

So happy to be part of this great team at Bates saddle!!


Bates saddle is Introducing the new Artiste saddle witch give me the best connection that enables the subtles finesse in my aids and give stability with the perfect balance, independence of seat and lightness of hand and leg.

I have tried the saddle for some months now and I am so pleased with it, and all my horses feel free, light in the hand and able to move their whole body.

A special win win is the easy change system that allow me to change my saddle in minutes.


Created by Artists for Artists, the Bates Artiste is your secret to ignite your dressage performance.


Bates describes the Artiste:


The artistry…

This saddle celebrates the art of dressage – the sculpted performance conducted by horse and rider in choreographing every movement with emotion, power, and grace.


The perfect fit…

Achieve the perfect fit for your horse and generate power and depth of expression that you have never have felt before.


The stability…

Find stability with the perfect balance that will grant you a stillness, independence of seat, and a lightness of hand and leg that will allow you to dance across your stage with ease.


The connection…

Feel ultimate sensitivity, driving a connection that enables the subtlest finesse in your aids as you take the spotlight in the main arena.



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